Well it snowed

But not as bad as they were predicting here. Needless to say, Rum Tum is a very happy kitty. We popped out earlier to run some errands and before getting in the car tossed him some snow balls. He was in heaven. Have to get some pics of him in action catching them sometime this weekend.

Speaking of Rum Tum, he's this month's best seller on my shop. Seems people love Maine Coons, esp when they are as cute as Rum Tum LOL. Have to get more pics of him and on products, he's finally earning his keep hehehehehe (or at least some special Maine Coon kitty chow once I get my first check).

I'm working on a calender section in time for the New Year. I want to get it up this weekend so people can order them asap. I ordered a couple from my shop and they just arrived today. I ordered them this last weekend, sent economy and they were scheduled to arrive the 16th or 17th. So I am VERY pleased with how fast my order came from across the country.

Finally got the last kitchen window shrink wrapped. Also re-weatherstripped the front door. It is still warped, but I got creative with extra weatherstripping and have most of the leaks plugged up. I'll get the bedroom window shrink wrapped later today. Currently 28F out and predicted low of 13F, with a low of -5 on Tuesday. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

But I now have my boots out and my Yak Trax ready, so I should do fine.
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