Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

Puttering again today, getting the laundry caught up and the dishes. Cleaned out some of the fridge and emptied all the garbage (except the one in hubby's office, not for sure if it is all garbage for sure) and will be getting some more decluttering done in the living room.

Got some business cards designed and printed out for hubby. Simple ones for now and I will see about some slightly fancier ones later. Have a couple more League of Extraordinary Penguins designs almost tweaked. I'll get them up on my shop in the next day or two.

Planning a simple evening. Pizza and movies. Since hubby can't do alcohol anymore I am making up some grape concentrate using club soda so we'll have a little bit of bubbly.

Finally got the lentil chili made yesterday. Came out pretty yummy. Still needs something tho, now sure what. I did add a bit of a different twist to it, I put in about a 1/4 cup of cocoa powder, gave it a nice flavor. Made a good sized batch, so need to portion it up today and get it in the freezer. One nice thing about very cold temps and snow, I can use my porch as an auxiliary fridge LOL had to stash the crock with the chili in my big stock pot out there last night.

Pulled some ribs out of the deep freeze to thaw in the fridge. I'll fix them tomorrow. Depending on the weather I am considering firing up the gas frill to cook them on. Cool way to start the new year hehehehehe

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