Been very cold this week, got down to -2.2F in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Only got down to 2F this morning. Snowing now, small dry flakes so far, we are supposed to have more serious snow later. Hopefully it will hold off as hubby has a client up the mountain today and their road is tricky in the snow.

A bit ticked off with Rum Tum today. He'd gone out last night and didn't coma back in. Hopefully he was holed up next door. The other two kitties were smart and didn't want to go out at all until this morning, and then it was only Scrapper who went out. Phoebe REALLY doesn't like the snow.

Had the staff Christmas party yesterday, was very nice. Ms Ella came along:

I wonder whose present this is?

Lots of good food:

Holiday spread

Such as ham, yummy casseroles, appetizers and a dessert cheese ball:

Chocolate chip chream cheese ball

Fresh kiwi:


Chocolate cake:

Chocolate cake

All seriously yum.

Speaking of yum, made a very nice veggie dinner last night. We are working on having a vegetarian dinner 2-3 times a week. We'd picked up a lot of fresh broccoli at Winco as it was 98 cents a pound. I'd also picked up a head of cauliflower (you mean it isn't supposed to be pink and mushy?????) and a block of firm tofu.

I cut up the tofu and then pressed it to get the extra moisture out and while that was happening, I made the brown rice (note, when half the burner isn't working on the stove, brown rice will take a LONG time to cook. I ended up using my butane burner to finish cooking it). I then chopped up the veggies and once the rice was off the burner, popped on the wok.

I used a blend of walnut oil and veggie oil to stir fry the tofu and then put the tofu in a bowl and sprinkled on some soy sauce. I then put in the mushrooms and then after a bit the broccoli and cauliflower along with some minced garlic. I then added some oyster-flavored sauce, added back the tofu and thickened everything with some corn starch. Served over brown rice and OOOOOOOO so good:

Veggie stir fry

Hubby had seconds and I have some for lunch today. I need to work up more recipes. I have my Dad's Moosewood cookbook and there are some good dishes in there I want to try. We don't plan on giving up meat, but are working on cutting back. It will help stretch the budget a lot more.

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