Mmmmmmm, Friday

Not much planned for the weekend. Just putter about and do some more cleaning and flinging. Need to go thru the deep freeze and get stuff that has been in there too long tossed. Hoping it will be nice enough outside to get out and get some outside work done.

I'll be working on more designs for my shop and hope to get them up Sunday. I've also been working on web pages for a couple organizations. One is a student group and the other is for an aikido dojo. Still need to do more tweaking to the one and the other needs to finish propagating. Unfortunately there is an older page for the dojo that needs to get taken down since it is out of date and the person is no longer doing it. So hopefully that will get done soon. I still need to re-do all my pages and the one for hubby's business.

Kitties are definitely not happy, neighbor say coyotes in the area again, so kitties are gettign locked up as soon as it is dark and not let out at night. Pheobe was seriously a cracker cat last night sooming up and down the kitty condo. At one point she was sitting on top of the aquarium trying to figure out how to get in.

Currently freezing and wishing I had a heater at my desk to stay warm. The break room is always cold and I have great difficulty getting warm again after lunch. Where are those &%^$^ hot flashes when I need them LOL.
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