Dear Mr Obama

Congratulations on your win last night. I am hopeful we will be able to overturn the mistakes of the past 8 years and move forward.

I did not vote for you, I did not vote for any of the candidates offered on the ballot here. I wrote someone else in. I looked at this election as if I were with a company who was hiring someone for a position and I did not feel any one of the candidates, including yourself to be fully qualified for that position, so could not in good consciousness hire any of you.

However, many of the other people on the hiring committee felt you were, so you have now been hired to be President of the United States. I hope they are right, that you do have what it takes to run this country.

Please prove me wrong, if you do I will be delighted.

So again, congratulations on your promotion and good luck.

Highest regards,
Jean C