Dearest Nicky

This is what he gets for being a smug kitty

I have finally accepted that you have moved out and are living elsewhere. It has been 2 months since you went on walkabout and with the weather getting colder I have to believe you've found a new home.

I really miss you and hope you are happy where you are at and that you are getting all the tummy scritches and cuddles you love.

I miss waking up in the middle of the night to find you snuggled up on me, or if I had gotten up, you climbing right up to get comfy before I've had a chance to settle back in.

I miss you whiskers poking up my nose and tickling me when you snuggled in close.

I still look for you when ever I am outside, hoping to see you running towards the house from where ever you've been playing.

Nicky in a tree

I miss watching you stalk one of your brothers or sister thru the long grass and then leap out at them and chase them across the yard.

I miss sitting on the couch and having you snuggled up in my lap.

I hope Momma Bastet is watching over you still and making sure you are being treated well and making sure you are happy where ever you are.

Nicky at rest

I still hope you come home and I still look for you to come running out from the equipment barn when we drive up and race us to the front door.

I hope you still love us, even tho you are living else where.

So you take care and be well and I hope someday Momma Bastet will lead you home and we can be a complete family again.



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