Can't think of anything clever to title this today

Monday again, had a pretty nice weekend. Didn't get the pizza made until Friday night, turned out to be quite yummy.

Did a bit of puttering about this weekend and a bit or out and about. Hit the Coop on Saturday to pick up a re-fill on Dr Bronner's peppermint soap. We'll need to get a re-fill on the baby soap in a few weeks. Scoped out a few things we'll be needing also, but will wait until the budget is a bit better.

Noticed Chang Sing's had a big "under new management, grand opening" banner, so we popped in for an early dinner. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!! Very delish and we'll be back in the near future since I want to bring my camera and do a review.

Yesterday we popped over to Shopko in Pullman, hubby needed a new VHS so he can do transfers to DVD. Our old machine crapped out. Can you FIND a plain old VHS? No! We ended up with a VHS/DVD machine. Just a DVD player, the recorders were pretty pricey and the last one we attempted to use didn't work well. At least this will let us get transfers done.

While we were in Pullman we hit Tam's Place for lunch. Now I know where we can go for Sunday breakfasts when we want to go out. I had the french dip sandwich and the roast beef was tender and very flavorful. Hubby had the bacon and cheese burger with BBQ sauce and the sauce was delish. They are only open for breakfast and lunch tho. Have to try their biscuits and gravy next time in.

Finally got the back door sealed off with some foam board. Also put a square of the foam board over the hole in the ceiling under the swamper. After getting both sealed off the temp in the hallway went up 5 degrees. It was coolish when I woke up this morning (I've reset the overnight temp to 60F since Avista is raising rates again) and not uncomfortable. We just need to finish winterizing the bedroom window and the kitchen and we should be nice and snug this winter. Have to remember to bring the kerosene heaters out from the shed.

I've been working on more designs for the shop and getting them up. I've been having fun designing for the Flip Mino and have a number of ideas I need to do still.

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