Was a wee bit chilly today. Hubby finally got the air conditioners pulled, so it was at least a bit warmer in the bedroom this morning. Poor Scrapper went running into the office to discover his "door" was gone. The board had fallen out and they figured out how to push the reflectix enough to get in and out.

Been adding more designs for the Flip Mino. I've also several of them in sections where I was able to adapt existing designs I already have in my shop. When I get the chance I will also be doing my body acceptance designs for them. Hanging out on the shopkeeper boards I saw a few people are starting to sell them, so with Christmas and Yule coming up they would make a nice present for someone.

Got my laptop back, hubby took it to Computer Crazy to have the power connector fixed. It was loose and since I have a 5 minute life on the battery, needs to be plugged in if I want to use it. Was working great until I knocked it off a kitchen counter last night (I use it for my Accuchef cookbook program) and killed the CD-ROM drive.


Luckily nothing else broke, I expected the screen to be broken off or seriously cracked, it landed flat open. But I lucked out and just broke the one drive. So now it is duct taped to cover the hole where the drive was and the pieces are duct taped to the bottom so they don't get lost.


Hubby says it happens and didn't get mad (it is his old laptop) and now calls it a North Idaho laptop since it now has duct tape on it.

So dinner tonight will be homemade pizza. I made up some dough last night in the bread machine (and since I ended up using the recipe out of my bread book instead of the one in my laptop, I should have put the laptop away at that point) and stashed it in the fridge over night. I have some nice tomatoes from a friend and several types of cheeses, so I should have a yummy pizza. I finally have a pizza peel and can't wait to try my pizza stone. Since hubby doesn't like crispy crusts I'll bake his on a cookie sheet.

Had a small cup of coffee this morning, so am feeling a LOT perkier then usual.
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