Arrggghhh, Monday again.

Survived the weekend, left leg is still giving me grief, tho it isn't quite as bad this morning as it had been. Been trying to stretch it when I can and am back to being cranky about having the cane handy all the time.

Oh well.

We are babysitting a friends ratties (Beaker and Lucy) for a couple of days. She had to pop out of town for a couple of days and the one needs to have medication 3 times a day, so she couldn't just leave them with plenty of water and food. So I said I'd look after them. It is really nice having ratties around again, even for a few days. I'm still not ready to get my own again, they leave so quickly I can't handle it anymore. Maybe again someday, but not yet.

I was a bit out of practice giving the little sweetheart his meds, we ended up equally covered in tetracycline with a bit making it down his throat the first time. I got lots better after that. I did attempt to disguise it in some mashed banana and peanut butter, but he wasn't fooled (tho Lucy his cage mate thought it tasted pretty good. Had to get it away from her quickly since she didn't need the med). I put the mix in the fridge and will try him again and maybe the banana and peanut butter will have covered the med taste better by then.

Been tempting him with treats, he is very picky. Got him to eat some banana and he definitely loves tortilla chips. I put some carrot in, not sure if he went for it or not. I know Lucy did.

We got a bit of FLYing done this weekend. Cleared out the closet in the office and sorted. Some when in the trash, some went to Goodwill and the rest will either go back in the closet or out in the shed. Was going to take the extra kitty boxes in, but I had to hose them off again and spray a yellow jacket nest in one of them. So next trip.

We took a few things out to the dump, like the love seat out on the deck. The tarp shifted and it got wet and there was mold. I'd hoped to pass it along to someone else, but not in that condition.

The dump was pretty busy, the nice weather got a lot of people out. We had just dropped a bunch of stuff off at the transfer station and were in line to re-weigh and then head to the demolition section to dump the sofa.

Now there is only one lane and there is an etiquette that is involved. You take turns, one car enter, then next car exiting. We had pulled to the from of the exit line, waited for the incoming car to pull out and headed to the scale. The twit behind the incoming car proceeded to pull forward instead of waiting his turn. Hubby yelled at him, the guy said he'd waited his turn and it took an employee to get the guy to back up so we could have our turn. The entire time the twit kept smirking like he owned the world.

Pathological entitlement.

The really annoying thing is the employees in the booth should have warned the guy off in the first place instead waiting until we said something.

But we got everything we needed dumped this trip and now we can finish organizing the deck and getting it ready for winter. We need to get some more plywood to put up to enclose it again. That helped a lot last winter. I still want to figure a way to close in around the steps to keep anything blowing in from the east.

Picked my Black Krim this weekend, I'll give it a taste tonight and harvest the seeds and get them cleaned. I got a couple Black Russians from another friend and will do the same with the seeds. I am going to try and plant heirlooms as much as possible.

Kinda bummed I didn't get any painting done this weekend, the weather was good for it, but the knee and leg was not going to let me. Our friend did get our swamp cooler taken care of. Instead of taking it down, he sealed it and put steel plates where the louver plates were. He'd looked at it and taking it off would have created a bigger problem, so this solved it with not too much work. It wasn't in good enough condition to use elsewhere, it was pretty trashed. We just need to stuff a bit of insulation up from underneath and then seal off the hole in the ceiling a bit better and we should be sitting warm this winter. We'll put some stiff foam board over the back door and next spring look at building a new door with plywood and foam to replace the one there now (which is hollow) and then put in a kitty door at the bottom.

The we just need to fix the front door and we are all set.
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