YAY!!!! IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!

And the weather is looking good, pity we won't have time to get any fishing in.

Forgot to mention (been rather forgetful this week) that I had my last visit with my surgeon on Tuesday. My knee is coming along nicely, in fact I am ahead of the curve in that regard. I'm not using my cane much, except for when I have a ways to walk, like while shopping. I also have full range of motion in my knee. The doc is happy, I am happy and that means everyone else is happy LOL. I do have to be careful about overdoing it tho. I still can't take a long flight of stairs with out some aid, like a cane or handrail, but I can do short flights of 6 or less steps with only a little twinge now and then. I did kinda goof yesterday after work when I decided I really needed to get the lawnmower out and cut the weeds that is my lawn. The lawnmower hadn't been used this year and was a bit cranky at starting. I was really reefing on the cord when i twisted in just the right way I twisted my right knee.


I stopped and rested the knee and was able to get the lawnmower started after a few more pulls and got 1/3 of the lawn done. I did need a pain pill last night and my knee is rather stiff today. I'm limping more then I have been in a couple weeks. I probably should have brought my cane in to work, but I am taking it fairly easy today.

The doc did suggest using the cane in the winter with an ice traction attachment or invest in some Yak Tracks, which I was considering already. Lots of people were using them this last winter and I decided I would like a pair. I am a klutz on ice, so I need all the help I can get, esp if I want to avoid taking out my knees again. I'll see about getting a pair before the winter rush hits.

Got my mead dropped of at the fair the other night. We'll go to the fair on Sunday as it has been a while since we've been and it will be a nice way to spend a Sunday.
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