AAACCKKKK!!!! Fall has arrived!


Going to have to start closing the kitty window at night and making sure they are all in. Between it being too cold and kitties leaving mouse parts scattered about, it is time.

Speaking of kitties, Pheobe's full name is now Ms Pheobe Underfoots Mouseflinger. I swear she spent half the weekend bringing in mice and flinging them where ever she could. Friday night we heard a noise while we were crashed in the bedroom watching movies and looked up in time to see a furry corpse flying up past the end of the bed. I think she managed to get it about 5 feet into the air. When she flung it and it landed on my foot, I said enough and out the window it went.

Unfortunately she found it again and brought it back. When she flung it up on the bed and tried playing with it there, hubby distracted her and I managed to get it seriously flung out the back window.

Saturday she decided it was too wet and rainy out, so she brought a live one in to play. I managed to catch it using a glass and piece of cardboard and got it back out side. Not sure, but I think she caught it again and brought it back, this time not alive (then again she is pretty good and may have caught a new one in that short time).

After retrieving it from the plastic recycling bin (I really do need to get her signed up for the NBA), I got it out side and Pheobe finally got tired of the game for the evening.

Spent most of the weekend doing nothing. We watched movies and some of the shows on the DVR. Sunday we drove down to Lewiston to hit Costco, Grocery Outlet and get gas. Scored a couple more packages of the soft goat cheese I like, along with a wedge of sheep's milk cheese. Picked up several packages of various pastas for side dishes.

I've decided to do a bit of kitchen remodeling. Plan is to knock out the wall between the pantry and hall closet and turn it into one big walk in pantry. Well not big big, but I should be able to utilize the space better once it is done. I'll look at getting that done sometime this fall.

Been getting a severe weather warning on my 'puter. Looks like we are going to have some serious frost tonight. So I think I will bring in the two tomato plants i have in containers. I can stash them in the the kitchen and with luck the one tomato each they have will ripen so I can get the seeds. One is a Black Krim and the other is a Brandywine. I don't have many tomatoes left on the Sweet 100's so I will pick what I can.

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