Seriously good eats

Saturday we headed down to Lewiston for a bit of shopping and we hit Effie's for lunch. Effie's is:


Effie's is a joint and a wonderful joint it is. Main claim to fame is the Effie Burger:

Effie burger

Effie burger

An Effie burger is 1 lb of beef on a special bun. We got the works (onions on the side) with both Swiss and American cheeses.

We usually split one:

Effie burger

Ordered a medium curly fries to go with it:

Medium curly fries

They use good quality beef and it is very juicy and perfectly done:

Effie burger

Hubby wanted the New Effie, but that was more then I wanted to eat, so we'll look at getting one next time down:

Effie's menu

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