How they find me

Every once in a while I like to look at what search terms people use when they come across my blog. Haven't done it in a while, but here is the searches since 7/20/08:

anne korin criticism
how to make cat house
amatuer bbw strippers
fat acceptance ted nugent (the date on this one is 8/3, so I guess the someone had just watched the episode and then found the clip right after the show aired)
cat shooting out window (this is a cute pic

cat shooting (seriously hoping they were thinking cat shooting with a camera)
cathouse porn episode
www,amatuer granny
should i garden with a torn meniscus (NO!!!! At least not with a lot of bending. It would be easier with raised beds)
joss whedon geocaching (okay, have to see if Joss is a geocacher)
bbw fat granny yahoo. com.
sleep aid book with purple color (hmmm, sounds like a few patrons who've come in looking for a book, not sure what the title is, but it was blue LOL)
evan david kamida (had to look this up, so sad)
evan david kamida
se7en tea house reno 7/19/08
have a nice sunday
cathouse the serious
torn miniscus for 4 months
friday at last (my sentiments exactly LOL)
cathouse the serious
sunny lane cathouse
outhouse worley idaho
how to build a shooting house
torn meniscus
quotes of phoebe the goddess of moon
bunny range cat house
cathouse the series clips trailers
best friends society purple
plans cat house
tante porn
hissing turtle north idaho

So lets see, 2 searches for porn (3 if you count BBW amatuer strippers), 9 involving cats and a couple dealing with the meniscus. This is a pretty tame list compared to what I used to get way back when I started blogging. Have to check my stats a bit more frequently and see if I get some more interesting ones.
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