Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!...

Happy Birthday to MEeeeee!
Happy Birthday to me!


I really don't feel 47, my brain still keeps insisting I'm still in my 20s (tho my bod keeps informing me otherwise, sometimes forcefully hehehehehe).

Decided to treat myself to a mocha from the Bean Farm (formerly Coffee Creations and still yummy coffee) and I'll wander over to the Commons for lunch (would love to go downtown somewhere for lunch, but I would need a ride as my knee isn't up to the hike yet). Will look at getting something nice for dinner. Otherwise I plan on a low key birthday day. One of my co-workers brought donuts, so have been munching on a chocolate Bismark.

Speaking of knee, I'm still coming along fine. I managed to do the steps at home and out back of the library normally, instead of going up one step at a time and babying the knee. They are pretty short steps and once I can do them with no pain I can start doing the stairs at work again.

Had several unhappy kitties last night. Read in the paper a guy got bit by a momma coyote Monday night somewhere along East Palouse River Drive, which is our area (silly guy stopped to take a leak, hopped down into a ditch and scared momma and her babies, so she bit him). They didn't say exactly WHERE along the road, so decided since there is a momma who will be looking for easy food that kitties need to come in at night. Managed to get Nicky, Scrapper and Pheobe in, but Rum Tum was nowhere in sight. I don't worry about him since he will crash over at D & J's next door when he can't get back into the house at night.

The new trolling motor we ordered thru Sure Shot finally came in. It got held up in Spokane, it was supposed to be here the other day. So hubby is a happy campers (he keeps looking at it and saying "Shiny!!!" hehehehehehe). Can't wait to take it out. It is a Minn Kota, 36 lbs of thrust and has several forward speeds and 3 reverse. Since the one we got with Da Boat is a brand no longer made and can't find parts for, the new motor will make fishing a lot more reliable since we won't have to worry about trying to fiddle with a dying switch in the middle of the reservoir.

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