Make it stop being so HOT!!!!!

Tho it is suppose to cool down this weekend. I used to love hot weather, but I just can't handle it anymore. I get too miserable.

Our friends from Canada arrived safely on Monday, tho 2 hours early and I wasn't ready. Hubby had just picked me up from work and we'd hit Tristate to pick a few things up before hitting the grocery store when he got a call on his cell from them. He asked where they were and the reply was "we are almost petting your kitty".


Okay, he told them how to get into the house and make themselves comfy and I kept telling hubby to tell them sorry for the mess the living room was. Thank goodness I'd gotten the kitchen mostly done.

So we hit Winco for dinner stuff, then the liqueur store for GOOD vodka (Blue Sky, Idaho potato vodka, very yummy stuff) and head home.

Monday was hot and very humid and miserable, so not having to turn on the stove was good.

Tuesday wasn't as bad, tho still humid, but a bit cooler. I've been hiding at work so hubby has been tooling around with them when he can. Yesterday he took D fishing and they had a good time. Only caught blue gills, which they didn't keep, not enough of them anyways. Hubby did get a little too much sun, even with many applications of sunscreen, so he made liberal use of the aloe goop we have at home. Today they are all driving up to Spokane to do some shopping and get back in time to pick me up from work.

Grilled steaks for dinner last night and had salad from the garden. M help me and mommy (P) get the salad. P held the bowl, I cut the greens and gave them to M and she put them in the bowl. M is almost 3 years old and was a good garden helper. She even helped make the salad when it was time for dinner. They brought her little step stool, so she was able to stand with me at the counter as we put it all together. Good little cook she is, she taste tested the finished product and said it was good.

I got brain dead tho, forgot to turn the propane tank off on the grill, had to call hubby this morning to have him do it before they left. I am also ticked as I had packaged up the leftover steak for my lunch today. Couldn't find it in the fridge and then got an awful thought and sure enough, I'd thrown the baggie with the steak in the trash.


I hate wasting things like that, esp perfectly done steak I was so looking forward to for lunch.


Off to the Commons for lunch today. I wish I was more mobile as I've love to hike down to Patty's Kitchen for lunch.

On an up note I almost have hubby's kilt done for the commitment ceremony he's officiating this Sunday. The bride requested him in a kilt and so we are whipping up a quick and dirty one. Got a Simplicity pattern and he found some shirt flannel in a plaid pattern that is pretty close to a tarten he is entitled to. I'd managed to cut the waist band too short, so I cut some more and tonight I'll piece everything together and then get that sewn on. Just need to come up with a shirt and we are set to go.

I'll be baking a cake, like the one for B's wedding, so I need to finish pulling more heavy cream and buttermilk out of the freezer to thaw. I can do the cake once it gets dark and cools off if it is still warm in the house. Since I've done the cake once already, it will go faster the 2nd time now that I know what I am doing.

Still not sure what we are doing for the 4th. As much as I'd like to go to Coeur d'Alene to see the fireworks at the lake, it is a bit far to go with an almost 3 year old. So we'll probably go down to Lewiston/Clarkston to see theirs. If all else fails, we can drive over to Pullman and see if we can find someplace to see theirs from.

Still awaiting word on my surgery. I hope they call soon. The pain meds I've been taking aren't working anymore and I am starting to get a bit cranky from the pain. I really hope I hear before I go home today and that they can get me in next Wednesday (they only do the surgeries on Wednesdays).

Haven't seen much of the kitties since the friends arrived. I think M spooked them, they aren't used to little girls. Phoebe came in and hissed at her this morning. I don't think she likes another female in the house who out cutes her LOL. Nicky has pretty much moved home to momma and Rum Tum comes close, but won't come in. Scrappers comes in, as long as he doesn't see M. I thought he was in this morning, turns out it was TC who figured out the kitty window and came in for scritches and hugs. I finally let him back out the front door since he didn't want to go back thru the kitty window (why bother, when there happens to be a doorperson on duty LOL).

Oh well, the kitties will have their house back next week and things will be fine again for them.

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