Surgery went fine, was on the table just after 7:30 am yesterday and getting the good drugs. I opted for the spinal block and the seriously good drugs since general would have required a breathing tube. I don't
remember much of the procedure, so the drugs were REALLY good.

I was supposed to be home yesterday by noon, but Dr J decided to be extra cautious and had me stay over night. The hubby was right, our hospital IS the best 5 star hotel I've ever been in LOL. Managed to survive the night.

It took a while for the spinal block to wear off, had to use a walker to get the to the bathroom and tho I could feel my feet, my bum was still totally numb and that did make things interesting :P

A gal from physical surgery came by and checked me out on a walker, and the later in the afternoon, she brought crutches and I made a couple turns around the floor. Did really well and the Doc says I can put weight on the leg, as much as I can comfortable do so, so the gal brought a new pair to bring home. A walker would not be maneuverable in our house.

Managed to get a bit of sleep last night, but was awake abut 4am. Call buttons were going off from several other rooms.

Hubby had brought me my laptop yesterday afternoon, but forgot the power cord, so I had to be content with my palm and some of the games that he'd he put on. Watching the TV there really made me appreciate our sat dish an the DVR as I couldn't zip commercials and I could only
run the changer in one direction.

So I am now home, had a nap and am now finishing this post. Kitty cats are really happy I am home, now I just need to keep them off my knee while it is propped up.

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