Blech! Is it Friday yet????????

Had a very nice weekend, tho I really didn't want to get up this morning. Hubby poked me at 20 after 7 and I bailed out of bed and hit the shower. I am still trying to wake up.

Plans for the 4th went slightly awry. Poor M got sick to her tummy and was an unhappy baby for a while. Since mum and dad didn't want to feed her anything that could make it worse, we held off dinner until she went to bed, since eating in front of her would have been very mean. I grilled up burgers and we got dinner fairly late. Managed to get stung by a yellow jacket while I was doing it. Luckily I didn't have a reaction and the epipen was not needed. D went out to check on the burgers and managed to step on said yellow jacket, so needless to say, I went out to make sure it was a soon to be EX yellow jacket.

With the insect attack delay, the burgers came out a bit more well done then I planned on, tho they were still pretty tasty. I still need to get the grill figured out so I can get things cooked properly.

Still waiting to hear about when I get my surgery.

The hubby and I are now boat owners:

Our new toy

Our new toy

We'll repaint (thinking of a black and white zebra pattern) and give her a name. As soon as we get tags we will take her out to Spring Valley and do a bit of fishing. The guy we bought her from also threw in the electric trolling motor along with the gas motor. Both need work. We'll fix the switch on the trolling motor first since we can only use electric at Spring Valley. Now we'll be able to check out the spot where the bass fishing is really good.
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