MMMMMM, nothing like a nice Sunday morning with...

a mocha cappuccino and Radio Margaritaville on the telly.

Been a very nice weekend, the hubby and I finally got out fishing on Friday afternoon. We limited out and I had a nice fresh trout dinner. Lots of wildlife out at Spring Valley, saw a turtle in the water, tho he didn't get close enough for me to get a pic. There were at least 3 osprey and one heron:


He kept making flybys, which was good as I needed to get lots of pics on continuous mode to get some good ones.

When we came back to town, we hit TriState where we picked up more spray paint for the utility trailer and a new reel for me. I'd busted my old on last season and while it still worked, it could be a pain in the butt. So I got a Quantum Snapshot and I can't wait to try it out. I've had my old reel since 1984, so it gave me a lot of good service.

Hubby's been working on a client's computer this weekend and I have been puttering about. Got my Black Krim and Brandywine tomatoes into the SWCs I made:


I'll be making upside down planters for the 3 Sweet 100s I still have to plant. I need to pick up potting soil for those. I mixed garden soil with my compost for the SWCs and still need to put some fertilzer and covers for the top to hold in the moisture.

Did a 1/2 water change on the fish tank, so I now have a good 10 gallons of fish water for my plants. I don't have room in my rain barrel, so I will just pop lids onto to the buckets and stash them out in my work area for when I need to water. I'll be working on doing smaller water changes and keeping the water so I have it for my plants. The gold fish are exceptionally poopy, so the water will be extra good LOL

We went out to dinner at the Sandpiper (the old Mark IV restaurant). Very yummy, I had the fried catfish with grilled veggies and baked potatos and hubby had the chicken fried steak. We have to go back sometime and try the Monte Cristo sandwich to see if it is any good. Hubby loves a good Monte Cristo and hasn't found a place locally that does them regularly.

Working on clearing the deck, we need to re-attach the wire for the igniter on the gas grill and I can get the bottle hooked up and see about getting that running. It will be nice to have options for cooking outside this summer. We also need to take the plywood down from the deck and see about putting up faux bamboo roll-up blinds to help shade this summer. I still want to screen it in, but that is something we can work on over the summer.

Slowly working on more designs for Purple Ducky Designs, hope to have the newest ones added later this week. I've been finding it nice to have my own Palm for righting down design ideas when ever I think of them. I'm not forgetting as many as I was.