And the verdict is....SURGERY!!!!!

It is official, I have a torn inner meniscus, so as soon as the insurance say yes, I get arthroscopic surgery on my right knee. The doc says I will be on my back, bed rest for the first 3 days and then off work for a week. Thank the Gods I have a ton of sick leave built up (677 hours to be exact).

Now I need to delete the genetic Puritan work ethic from my body as I may have to be chained to the bed to keep me there. As is, I am going to be hard pressed to not get up to do house work. Luckily hubby says he can set up my Linux box in the bedroom with my monitor and I can work on designs for Purple Ducky so it won't be quite all bad. I'll have plenty of reading material on hand too and we have TV in the bedroom.

Oh well, I suppose it could have been worse. In the meantime I need to get caught up with the housework, we've friends arriving on Monday to stay the week, so I will get a head start this weekend. When I am laid up I can talk hubby thru things like laundry, which will be easy since the machines are right outside the bedroom door in the hallway.

Good thing we didn't have anything really planned for this summer.