MMMMMM!! Glorious sunshine and warmth!

Pity it isn't sticking around, but it has been nice.

Saturday was the Moscow CommUNITY Walk and it was a wonderful day for it (tho there was enough of a breeze that in the shade I kept getting chilled). There were lots of folk there and Ms Ella of course attended:

Ms Ella at the Moscow CommUNITY Walk 2008

I was able to borrow a small wagon from friends and I decked it out with some scarves and even rigged up a seat belt for her so she could ride in comfort. She brought a lot of smiles to a lot of people (and I think confusion to a few who couldn't figure out what an elephant was doing out and about LOL). One at the park we sat and watched and listened to the musical entertainment and I chatted with a few people about Ms Ella and what she does. Quite a few of the CommUNITY Walk people recognized her, Dr Ghazanfar had found her blog last year when googling the Walk and was thrilled to see it and told everyone he knew. He made sure to let me know Ms Ella was specially invited to join the walk again.

We didn't stay all afternoon as I had a coven thing that night and had to get some stuff done. But we had an enjoyable time while we were there.

The only downside of it was my knee was serously killing me. If I'd seen someone I knew and trusted, I was going to have them take Ms Ella on the walk and I would take the shuttle bus. Alas, the only person I knew I would trust had someone she was helping and had her hands full. So I did the walk with Ms Ella and managed to not be TOOO far behind the rest of the people, but my knee let me know in no uncertain terms it was NOT happy.

Speaking of knee, I've ditched the acetaminophen and have switched to large doses of ibuprofen and that seems to be helping some, at least enough I can get some sleep without too much pain. Back to hobbling around on the cane. For the walk I took the stick I got from The Stickman in Couer D'Alene and that was nice:

Walking Stick

Sunday was another nice day, tho not as sunny. We puttered about the house a bit, then picked up a friend to help her run some errands and then she did laundry at our place. I managed to get a bit of the house cleaned up and we cleaned out the shed. Hubby picked up some tools and solutions to finish getting the last of the paint off the car (from a few summers back when we had a friend paint the car) and there is still a shadow of the tiger on it.

Managed to get a few things listed on the local freecycle group (actually latahfreeexchange, we broke off from Freecyle) and have takers for a couple of them. Still have a few items outstanding and I noticed a few more things in the shed that could go on the list.

Was talking to the son of a friend on Sat night, he is into biking and he is willing to help me tune my bike so I can start riding it again. I started working on it last year, but couldn't quite get it tuned right. So having him help will be good. With gas prices going up the way they are, we need to cut down on how many trips hubby has to make int he car. On days when he has clients or appointments right after he drops me off it is not a problem driving me to work since he will be out and about. It is the into work, drop me off and then back home we need to cut down on. And since the trail is now paved all the way into town and campus I can commute in without having to deal with too much traffic.

Oh, and Saturday I got my very first "donot" from CafePress. I SOLD A BUTTON!!!!! Okay, it was a mini button and my mark up was only $1, BUT I SOLD A BUTTON!!!!!!!!


It is referred to as a donot because you get an email that has the return addy of "donot-reply@...", so the other shopkeepers call it a donot. I am hoping for many, many more. Even tho it was only $1, that is my first ever $1 I've earned for something I've created, not from being a wage slave.

I've been glowing about it all weekend. The button by the way is "Witch with a boomstick" mini button.

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