It's almost Friday, it's almost Friday, it's almost Friday!!!!, hmmm I think I have an idea for another design

LOL Have to see what I can come up with.

So the cold is slowly receding, not coughing as much and my sinuses have been better behaved. Appetite is slowly coming back. Didn't feel like much for dinner, but did make up some tacos for me, hubby got burgers and fries. I really needed something spicy, crunchy and cheesy, so the taco fit the bill quite nicely. Made the filling with some of the precooked ground beef I had stashed in the freezer, a bit of frozen tomato paste and some powdered tomato paste. Add taco spices, some minced garlic and a bit of water and it came out perfectly. Tummy was very happy.

Had some blood drawn Monday morning and then saw my doc yesterday. Everything looks good, including the girly hormones. They show I am midrange for perimenopause, so poor hubby has to suffer for quite a while yet LOL. My overall cholesterol is down a bit, from 140 to 126. Bad cholesterol is in the good range, the good cholesterol is low, just gotta get more active and that should come up.

I also got some exercises to help strengthen my knee muscles to help with the pain. One is an exercise I can do at my desk, so it is an easy one to do. Thyroid levels say they are good, but I think I have a very narrow range for what is good for me, so I think I am a bit off which is why I have been feeling crappy outside of the flu and cold. Nothing I can't work around. Just need to adjust some of the things I eat to bring those numbers into true midrange and that should help normalize things for me.

Finally got a successful upload of the stuff in my shop into Google Base and have been getting a few hits on my shop. Funny thing is, Google Base told me my first upload wasn't successful, yet all the stuff I uploaded showed up anyways and was being found on search. I currently have 1190 items in my shop with 22 designs. Getting up there, YAY!!!!!! The more experienced shopkeepers on CP have pointed out to newbies that the more designs you have the better, which is why I decided to get the premium account so I can do that easily. Speaking of which, I think I need to come up with an actual purple ducky design to attach to my shop.

I've been checking out the calenders CP offers and I want to get lots of good pics to make several. Kitty cats, flowers and whatever I can think of. They make it pretty easy to do. Even cooler is I can buy my own stuff at cost, so if I can finally get ahead I can design things and have neat gifts to give to family.

Found a really cool book on the new book shelf. Living like Ed by Ed Begley, Jr. It is a spin off of his show Living with Ed which is very entertaining, informative and I just realized I haven't seen it in a while. Have to see if it is in re-runs or will have new episodes soon.

FINALLY got most of the pipes on the kitchen sink glued together and locked down. Now I just need to figure out how to seal the one pipe immediately below the left sink so the water pouring thru doesn't back up and overflow. The person at the hardware store sent hubby home with the wrong part, she apparently couldn't grasp what he was trying to explain. So I made do with what she sold him and packed the gap with plumbers putty. Not enough I find, since we still have a serious leak when I dump a large amount of water (as in a pot or just taking the plug out after I am done with the dishes), so have to get that figured out somehow. But it is nice not to have a backed up sink and not worry about pipes giving way underneath from all the water that goes down.

Toasted cheese sammies for lunch today (and I could kill for some nice ripe homegrown tomatoes to put on them), have to get more sliced cheese from Costco when we pop in this weekend. Dinner tonight is chicken baked with Tom Yum and coconut milk. Nice thing about baking it is I don't have to fuss over it. I should have enough leftover for a nice lunch tomorrow.
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