Out sick for the 2nd day with a cold. Not as miserable as when I had the flu, but I hate being sick at all.

Been doing zinc tabs with vitamin C, humidifier with eucalyptus oil and lots of hot tea. Been getting lots of sleep and rest. Hubby picked up more kleenex with aloe yesterday, so my nose is feeling lots better.

Sun is out and I have the front door open and the north window unsealed and opened. So nice to be getting fresh air. It is supposed to get nicer this weekend and I hope I am up for it.

Had to turn down a chance to see Elton John tomorrow night, a friend of a friend had a ticket and wasn't going to charge who ever took it, but I am not recouping from colds like I used to and there is no way I will be up for enjoying a concert as yet. Bummer. Oh well. I don't do well is large crowds anymore.

Downloaded Inkscape to my Windoze machine as my Linux machine is off line. So I've been working on more designs for my shop. Currently working on some generic political ones. I've uploaded a file to Google Base and I am starting to get traffic thru there to my shop. So exposure is growing steadily.

NOw if this headache would just go away I would feel better.