I could do without the snow on the ground tho, at least there wasn't THAT much, but with the wind it is pretty cold out there. Most of it was melted off by lunch, at least where it was sunny.

So I designed a quick banner for my shop and got it up last night. I also activated the Google Analytics they recommended and should be seeing if I actually am getting any traffic to my shop. I did see two hits, one came via aquaria.info, which is the Fish Geeks site. Not sure how they got to my store tho, I'm still trying to figure out how to read the reports. I may add a Statcounter as I have an account there and I have an easy time reading those reports. Not too mention I can see when I check out my shop how many visitors I've had.

Hubby didn't get back from Spokane/CDA until very late last night. He'd driven some friends up so one could get on a plane and the other wanted to do some shopping, but not alone. So they had an adventure. First getting lost (with a GPS in the car no less LOL), then took their time shopping (Harbor Freight is apparently VERY dangerous for one's pocket book) and then running into nasty weather south of CDA, so turned back and came home the long way. With a dinner stop along the way.

So I had the house to myself last night, thought at one point I was going to have to get a ride this morning (hubby was thinking hotel room, but the weather cleared up as soon as they hit the Washington side of the line). Decided I really wanted tacos for dinner, so I pulled out some already cooked ground beef I did up the other night and tossed it in a pan with some olive oil and garlic and then tossed in some tomato powder, water and a couple lumps of tomato paste from the deep freeze. Added some taco seasoning I'd made (gluten free for a dinner we had a friend over), a bit of salt and a nice quick taco filling. Fried up the corn torillas with the filling and topped with mozzarella cheese. Very yummy.

Managed to get fairly caught up on the dishes and surfed, worked on my shop and watched TV.

I'd stayed up until hubby got home, tho I fell asleep on the couch for a bit, but I definitely need more sleep, didn't get enough last night.

Back on the sodium naproxin, went off of most of my meds and supplements while I had the flu, so I am slowly adding them back in. I've also added evening primrose oil, so far just once a day. When I get my pill minder set pack up I'll take one (1000 mg) morning and night.

Did lunch at the Commons today. Finally settled on the chicken noodle bowl with veggies. Not sure why, but the cabbage tasted awful. Kind of a sulfury licorice taste to it and not terribly pleasant. The rest of the bowl and veggies were fine. Tho I think the Szechuan sauce might have been a mistake, should have gone with the teriyaki sauce. But my sinuses are clearer LOL. Had lunch with a classmate and had a nice time talking. I usually just hide out in the break room, so a change of venue is nice.

Looking at going up to Spokane/CDA on Sunday for lunch and shopping, not sure if I want to go. Saturday is Ostara, so have circle in the evening. Been a while since we've done some serious WOO WOO, so it would be a nice recharge.

Not sure what we are doing for dinner tonight, hubby is talking going out, which would be nice. Been a while since we've done a nice sit down dinner someplace.
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