OY! I need about 3 more days of weekend

Dragging this morning, really could use a lot more sleep.

Good weekend, got my photo shoot done, now I have to see if I actually got any pictures that are usable. Now I see why pros went thru so much film when film was a standard. Thank goodness for 1 gigabit cards. My poor knees weren't happy with me, standing like that most of the day and then getting in and out of a big pickup truck (even with the running board to step up and down on). I am going to have to see about a better camera down the road, not to mention lighting equipment. A 300-800 halogen work lamp is not the right light LOL (provided by the person I was taking the pictures for).

We hit the Moose Lodge Saturday night to listen to the Clumsy Lovers. The venue was part of the Moscow Mardi Gras night. We had a good time even tho the band was 45 minutes late and I discovered I don't tolerate cigarette smoke like I used to, my throat is still sore. We left earlier then planned tho, we are getting a little to old LOL.

Snapped some interesting pics. I parked my camera on top of my beer bottle, pointed and clicked. Got some pretty cool effects with people walking by:



Shot some video to:

Sunday was the murder. It was a lot of fun. I didn't really have anything 1950s to wear, so I wore my tennis shoes which look like retro-Keds, a leopard patterned shirt and my pink flamingo necklace. Stopped at Winco and picked up some rainbow jello parfait salad for a retro contribution to the food. I was an extra, who provided a clue as we had more then the 8 people there were scripts for. We had a lot of fun and hopefully we'll do it again.

Got my homework done and turned in this morning and we watched a movie in class. She has been showing parts of the Story of English series from a few years ago. I just wish they'd release it on DVD, the library only has the VHS and we don't have a VCR hooked up anymore.

Did get my pizza Friday night, hubby had a client who paid right away, so we hit Papa Murphys and got their Specialty of the House (sausage, mushrooms, black olives) and a couple things of cheesy bread sticks. Happy, happy tummys hehehehehe.

Going to have to be creative the rest of the week meal-wise. I still have some pork chops in marinade for dinners and I'm going to have to bake bread if I am going to have sandwiches for lunch. Lunch today is ramen and I am not that fond of it in the first place (being a very poor college grad at one point and trying to stretch a $40 a month grocery budget meant I ate a LOT of ramen). I've still a bit of other pork and maybe some beef I can chop up and use in whatever. Still have some bagged salad in the crisper, if it hasn't gone off. Plenty of rice, at least the jasmine rice, so I have options there. So we'll see. I at least have plenty of trout still for me and that huge chuck of catfish if I can figure out how to break it into small, more usable pieces.
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