Oh dear Goddess, is it Friday yet?!?!?!

Hubby decides several minutes before we head out the door this morning that he was not feeling up to driving. Poor thing is coming down with something and was getting light headed. So I had to ditch most of what I usually bring with me to work as I was going to have to drive and I wasn't schlepping 3 billion tons of stuff from the parking lot. Since I would be coming home at lunch I stuffed my lunch back into the fridge and luckily hadn't poured my tea, so that went by the wayside, along with my water bottle. So all I brought was my laptop as I had class.

Grabbed some cash out of his wallet and headed into campus. Hit parking services for a gold permit where the computer was being a bit snarky. Then onto campus where every student around decided to saunter across the street in dribbles. Had to restart the car a couple of times because it stalled out. Made it into work 25 minutes late, luckily I have comp time so I will use that.

Then a few minutes after I got here it started snowing.


Luckily it stopped after a while and was melting rapidly when I got out of class.

Went from class to the car and drove home where I got hubby up and fed him chicken soup and made sure he was taking his echinacea and some acetaminophen. Poor guy was still feeling ick. I hope he doesn't have the crud I did. I'll probably be feeding him more chicken soup tonight, luckily we still have plenty after my bout with the flu. I'd considered having the toasted ham and cheese sammies I'd planned on for lunch, but really didn't have the time, so I pulled out a couple flour tortillas, some ham, mozzarella and made wraps in the microwave. Once out I added some sour cream. Quite yummy and hopefully I will have my toasted sammies at work tomorrow.

Not sure what I'll be doing for dinner, I'll probably scrape something together out of what is in the fridge. I do have to bake that cake, finally. The bride needs it by Friday, so I'll bake tonight and tomorrow I'll do the icing and put it all together and get it decorated.

Been coming up with more ideas for my shop, will see if I have time to whip a few of them up on Inkscape tonight while the cake is in the oven. I've 4 ideas for fat acceptance designs, 2 armed pagan designs and one "Is it Friday yet?" LOL. I'd hoped to work on them at lunch since I have the program on my laptop, but that went by the wayside since I headed home at lunch.

Got the pics dropped of to the client, hubby showed me how to burn stuff to a CD, so I made a back up disc of all the pictures I took for that session and burned those and then deleted them off my computer to give me room. Once I finish sorting all the other photos I have and getting rid of all the duplicates, I'll be burning those to disc (I think hubby will have me use DVDs as they hold more data) and then I can make lots more room on my hard drive. Will be doing the same thing on my Windoze machine with my videos.

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