I'm in a bitchy mood and I ain't apologizin'

And I'm going to revel in it, so nobody piss me off this weekend.

Special break at lunch today, I forgot all about it and didn't bring anything. The theme was Mexican to celebrate the life of Benito Juárez, who was born in March of 1806. Lots of neat decorations and someone brought the mummy up from ILL and dressed him up for the occasion:

Ready for Spring Break

Some yummy food to, the flan was to die for.

I've been asked to provide a part of a wedding celebration cake for a friend. She did a quickie marriage a couple months ago, the wedding was originally supposed to be at the end of this month, so she is going a head and having the celebration on the original wedding date. She wants a quilt cake, so I am going to be test baking the Cook's Illustrated chocolate cake recipe someone recommended when I asked on the Good Eats Fan Page boards. I think the major chocolate hit will be good for me hehehehehe.

Been practicing with GIMP, with the help of several boards and tutorials, I have figured out how to remove a subject from their background and then make the background transparent. This is my first attempt at it (need more practice):


This will come in handy for when I do more photos for my Cafe Press shops (I will keep shamelessly plugging them whenever possible BWAHAHAHAHA!). I can get some good pics of kitties and flowers and such and then cut them out and pop them onto t-shirts and such.

I think I will pick up some Evening Primrose oil caps when I hit the store for the cake stuff. Spent half the night waking up too hot and throwing the covers off and then freezing to death. I can't take dong quai or either of the cohoshes, they make the symptoms of Graves' disease look like a picnic in the park without ants. So I am kinda limited in what I can take for the peri-menopause thing. Luckily this seems to only happen every few weeks, so I should be okay by next week.
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