Seriously dain bread today. Got to bed about 10ish last night and took an Ambien. Only woke up once (about 5ish or so) and have been in a fog since finally crawling out of bed.

Unexpected money showed up on Monday, so we did a bit of grocery shopping so things aren't quite as dire as I thought they would be. Trying to plan decent meals with very little and while brain dead was going to be too challenging for me this week.

I've a 2nd Cafe Press shop up, this one featuring one of my photos. No apparel in this shop, mostly cards, mugs and such as the photo would not be suited to shirts and such (at least I don't think it would be). I GIMPed the following picture:

Signs of Spring

2 versions as the original didn't fit some of the products as well as I liked, but both came out nicely.

Getting a lot better processing my photos thru GIMP, currently learning how to cut a subject out of the background. I want to get some good photos of the kitties that I can then cut from the whole pic and then just put the kitty on the product without the surrounding stuff.

Still working on the photos I took on Saturday, I want them to be perfect as possible esp since one set will be going to the makers of the components and I want them to like what they see enough to feature the guys, at which point they would send in their own professional photographers, but I will have helped get the guys good exposure and me some good photos for a portfolio.

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