4 new designs and recap of the weekend

Spent most of yesterday with Inkscape designing stuff for my shop. I actually have 6 designs done, but I am not happy with two of them and need to do some tweaking. I also need to tweak the Armed Pagan design since it doesn't work well on the black t-shirts and need a better revolver graphic that will show up better.

Armed Pagan:


Is it Friday yet???:


I accept all of me (two variations):



The other two designs is another pagan firearms design and another body acceptance design. Just remembered hubby came up with a couple more slogans before we fell asleep last night, just gotta remember what they were and write them down.

So Friday was a little bit of a rush as we had to get the cake delivered, hubby had spent most of the day zonked, poor guy had a serious sore throat, the doc wasn't sure from what. So he prescribed some heavy duty antibiotics, the 48 hour kind and the sore throat is pretty much gone. But hubby now has a bit of a cold. He ain't getting a break poor thing.

So the bride wasn't able to pick up the cake since hubby was dead to the world, so he brought it with him when he picked me up. Had it duct taped to the front seat, so I held it in my lap to the church. Once that was delivered we headed to the Slurp & Burp and found a place we would like to hang out. Hubby's throat was still sore of course, so didn't want to eat, but I did so I had the house specialty, the Burp Burger. Hamburger patty with sliced roast beef, two cheeses, lettuce and tomato. I think there may have been more on it, but I am having a brain derailment and am lucky to remember my names LOL. Had a nice time socializing with the other library folk and they had a nice cake from Wheatberries for the retiree (I hope she is enjoying her first Monday not having to be here).

It had just started snowing when we got there and there was a bit when we left, but not as bad as the snow a couple days previously. Most of it melted off by Saturday so it wasn't bad.

Hubby popped out Sat morning to pick up our friend who was going with us to the wedding and he also picked up a gift card for the soon to be properly married couple. We went in with our friend and her roommate on it. She found a great card and had a Snitch antenna ball to put in the gift.

The wedding was very nice, combination pagan and Unitarian. The bride is a Unitarian/Pagan and the groom is an ex-Lutheran minister and they met at a Winter Solstice gathering at the UU church. They make such a cute couple.

My cake came out great, tho a tiny dry from having been made several days in advance, but it was also one of the ones that went the fastest (the chocolate cake with white frosting and truffles on top gave it a run for its money hehehehe). She also LOVED the high heeled duck shoes I attempted to draw on the cake.

Here is the quilt cake before:


And after:


So after the wedding we hit Winco for some munchies and headed home. Our friend hung out at our place and we watched telly and I made deep fried crimini 'shooms with tempura batter (a packet mix, I'll stick with my homemade here after, they were good, but not as good as they would have been with my own batter). We'd also picked up some club crackers, sausage and chicken nugget things. So it was nice nibble food for the evening.

Yesterday was a fairly low energy day. Saturday I'd gotten a lot of cleaning done, but I didn't want to do much Sunday. We did pop out to the Chinese buffet for lunch and it was yum. Wasn't too hungry for dinner, so we did the rest of the sausage and more cheese and crackers.

A bit of the white stuff this morning, but not too bad and should be mostly gone by the time I get home. Lunch today is toasted ham and cheese sammies, with white Kirkland cheese. The toaster oven should be dining soon.

Tried to get the newest version of Inkscape this weekend on my Linux machine, but they don't have the one for the Fedora platform up yet and hubby couldn't get it to compile properly, so no go. They as yet don't have one for the Window's platform, so good thing I got the older version on my laptop so I can work on that during lunch. I'd be screwed if I hadn't downloaded it last week. Not sure how long it will be before I can upgrade to the new version.

Time to go, the toaster just dinged.

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