Nap time!

Had a yummy lunch of leftover homemade tomato soup (I signed up to do test recipes for America's Test Kitchen) and a toasted cheese sandwich. Both were yummy and I will be making that soup again. I am thinking at least a double batch so I can stash some in the deep freeze.

Had a friend over for part of the weekend and exposed her to some good movies. She's never seen most of the old classics, so we've taken it upon ourselves to speed up her education.

Turned in my homework assignment, my brain just had a hissy over it, but I think I got most of it correct. If not, I hope she gives me a good score for effort. Now I remember why I hated 9th grade English (so many, many moons ago). Test is Friday, so I need to start reviewing what we've learned so far.

Snow is melting at a lovely rate. No signs of flooding, tho the river is higher then it was. I can actually see a good chunk of my lawn and have found a couple of my garden decorations that had gotten buried. Not sure how soon I can see about cleaning up that destroyed railroad tie, probably in a couple weeks.

With the weather getting better it is time to let the Shadow kitten back out, now I just have to catch him. TC went out the other day, haven't seen much of him, but we have food out for him. Phoebe has gotten very cuddly with me, usually she'll accept a pet and a scritch, but of late she's actually curled up next to me and last night, on me.

Countdown to Daytona!!!! Got the DVR all set up and managed to catch the ast 20 laps of the shootout on Saturday. I'd not realized it was on until I popped onto the Good Eats board and someone mentioned it. I soooooo can't wait for the season to officially start. Have to get used to Jr's new color scheme and number and having another driver driving the Bud car. Oh well, I am happy my two favorite drivers are now on the same team.
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