Monday started last night, SIGH!!!!

Was going to post yesterday and then my keyboard flaked out. I have a nice wireless keyboard and occasionally it needs to be re-sent, but nothing I did would make it work so I could finish my post. Decided it was a sign to take a nap, which I did. Finally got it running again after hitting all the reset buttons and swapping out batteries and then pulling the new ones out and putting them back in again several times. By then i didn't feel like writing. So I will just rewrite what I had.

Then the hard drive on my WinDoze machine flaked out, so hubby is going t have to dump my stuff on another hard drive so I won't lose everything. The WinDoze machine is the one I do most of my video editing on.

Cold and gloomy out, been like that since yesterday (Sunday). Was a fairly lazy Sunday, didn't get a whole heck of a lot done. I did get a bit done on Saturday so that was a plus. Managed to forget my coat at home this morning, luckily I have my fleece vest so I won't totally freeze to death. Even tho the walk between the library and the TLC is short it is FRELLING cold out there. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Still haven't warmed up since getting back from class.

As for how I managed to forget something as important as a coat on a cold foggy morning, don't ask, simply chalk it up to Monday and I will be in the corner having a nervous break down.

The 3 new residents of the fish tank are settling in. They are the kind sold as feeder fish and the person at the pet store fell down on the job in that they needed to be in a bigger tank then a 5 gal one. So the poor things were cramped in their old home. They are very pretty fish, they are called Comets because of their tails. I've been watching to see what their personalities are like and eventually they will get names. I've noticed the littlest one seems to be a poop factory, it hasn't stopped since last night. Well, I guess that means I will have some seriously happy tomato plants this summer as I will be using the water I change out of it for my garden. Since goldfish are messy I will be having to do partial changes on the water a lot more frequently then usual. Have to get our own testing kits for ammonia and nitrates so I can keep a closer eye on things.

They seem to be a bit camera shy. I was trying to take pictures of them and they kept hiding. Same with video, tho I finally got some decent pictures. Most likely they haven't figured out I am their new mom yet.

My pleco George isn't too terribly happy tho. They've been teasing him a little bit, nudging his tail and he does not like that. He's been pouting all day, but is finally out and about, I think he got hungry enough. He was NOT happy when the goldfish zeroed in on his algae pellet, he kept chasing them every time they got too close.

Scrapper finally noticed them Saturday night and just sat on the floor under the tank and just watched the show. Phoebe discovered them last night and sat and watched them for a bit.

Saturday was a nice enough day that we opened the front door so we could get fresh air in here. I can't wait until the weather warms up enough I can unseal the windows and have light and fresh air coming in. Kept the door open for several hours and turned the furnace to cool and fan to circulate the air around the house. I am pretty sure Shadow kitten finally went out side. I haven't seen him since Saturday morning when I got him to come within 2 1/2 feet of me with a dish of kitten chow.

Still finishing up the eclipse video, can't find a free royalty-free piece of music I like that is long enough, so may use two pieces from that site.

Have my DVR working overtime this morning, the race was postponed yesterday on account of wet, so I had to set the DVR up to record the rest of it today. The annoying thing is I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to record longer then an additional 90 minutes on a show, so I had to set it up to record in 1 hour blocks. Going to make watching the race interesting.

Had a yummy breakfast yesterday. I pulled some hash brown potato patties we had in the fridge out and tossed them on the electric griddle with some bacon fat melted on to it. Once they were mostly cooked thru I popped some turkey slices on to brown. In the meantime I made up some packet hollandaise sauce. When every thing was about ready I fried up some eggs on the griddle, hubby's over easy, mine sunny side up and cooked to just barely done (I like my eggs very runny). I put the patties on a plate, topped each on with the turkey and egg and topped it all off with hollandaise. YUMMM!!!!! Mock eggs Benedict with what I had on hand. Have to look at what I can keep in stock for other yummy Sunday brekkies. I've been getting a hankering for bisquits and gravy, so will have to see what I can stock up on.

Dinner was a pork loin I sprinkled with Lemon and Herb old Bay, some Johnny's garlic seasoning and drizzled with oil oil and Trader Joe's white balsamic vinegar. I sliced it thin and served it with alfredo noodle stuff. Which is what I am having for lunch as soon as the microwave dings.

I'd pulled out some beef last night, thinking it was the pork loin, so I will do something with that for dinner. I still have some shredded cheese and flour tortillas, so may look at wraps.

Ah well, my fish vid is happily processing away, so need to get back to it and get ready to upload it to YouTube