Lunar eclipse tonight

And with luck I can get it on tape. I'll set the camcorder up on the tripod and see what I can get. I'll have to futz about with the settings to make sure I can get some decent footage.

The work around with my vids seems to be working. I re-did the pasties footage using .dvix and that came out even nicer the the plain .avi. So I will be processing all my vids that way, even my quick and dirty ones since I have CyberLink on my laptop.

Currently editing the Cabela's footage, trying out speeding up portions of the film, esp the driving to the store footage. I'll see about adding music to those parts.

Got a high C on my test. Got thing right I thought I'd gotten wrong and screwed up the sentence structure problem like I thought I had. 9th grade English rears its ugly head again. I should do better on the other tests.

Lots of school kids running around campus today, the Lionel Hampton Jazz Fest has started. One of these years we are going to attend one of the concerts.

I brought TC in this morning for breakfast and interesting enough, Shadow kitten came out of hiding. Still a bit skittish, but he started following TC around. So we'll have to bring him in more often so we can get Shadow to come out so I can eventually get him back outside. Poor TC's fur is very rough and he was seriously hungry this morning.

Hubby was seriously craving salad for dinner, so we picked up a big bag of salad greens and a few odds and sods. I chopped up a turkey ham and sauteed it in some ham fat to give it better flavor, tossed it with the salad, some green onion and shredded cheddar cheese. Topped with croutons and ranch salad dressing and it was yum. I do have to get my green house going so I can grow my own greens, they taste so much better (and would be a lot cheaper then the bagged stuff). That is why I love summer when I have a big patch of mixed greens and spinach growing, pop out after work, cut, wash and chill and YUM!!!!!!!!

Posted the reloaded pasties video on my food blog. I need to get back into posting to that one more regularly.

Now I have to rant. Looks guys, if you want to show off your underwear, just take your damn pants off. Don't leave them hanging barely off your ass, it looks STUPID. I was behind one guy I couldn't decide if I should pull up his pants or pull them down. I just watched them slide lower and lower as he walked in front of me. I was relieved of that dilemma when I stopped to take the elevator and he kept going. I should also say, if you are going to do that, wear something other then tighty whities, they are boring.
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