AND I survived my first test in my class. 3 pages of multiple guess, 1 page of problems and not quite 1 page of short answers. Of course my brain derailed, but I think I managed to do well enough not to embarrass myself. So now that is over I can breath again.

Chilly, but the sun is out and I am SOOOOOOO ready for the weekend. We have Monday off for President's day, so I will get my two days to sleep in since we have to be up early to head to CDA for shopping and the Blogfest.

So excited to finally get to meet a bunch of people from online.

Been trying to get the Shadow kitten back outside. Weather is better and he will be happier. I just can't quite corner him so I can grab him. I think I may have to open the door and maneuver him towards it so he can go out on his own. TC is still sticking around, tho the last time he tried to come up to the porch Phoebe chased him off. But I've been keeping food out for him.

Lunch today is leftover steak and alfredo noodle stuff. The steak was a roast until I cut it into smaller pieces and then browned them in olive oil with some seasoned salt and garlic stuff and then let them cook under a lid for a bit. I then added some balsamic vinegar and Worcestershire sauce and let it cook some. Quite yummy. I'm thinking of taking on of the prime ribs out of the deep freeze and cooking it on Sunday, so I'll get it out of the freezer tonight to start thawing in the fridge.
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