Day 2

University is closed again, we got a ton of snow yesterday. They are going to be a while digging campus out. Spent a good chunk of the day listening to the scanner and being glad I wasn't out and about, they were not have a good time out there.

Here is a pic of The Clone and the shadow kitten:

Scrapper clone and the Shadow

Amazingly, things have been pretty calm in the house since I brought them in. They've pretty much have hung out in the hidey hole at the base of the kitty condo where I'd put some pillows to make a nice cave for our kitties. I put in food and water for them and have pretty much left them alone. I did manage to cuddle the Clone for a while and he is a very sweet kitty.

We finally ventured out for a bit, needed to hit the grocery store. The neighbor up the hill broke out the property owners bull dozer, so he was clearing our little road. County had plowed sometime earlier in the day, but by the time we got out, it was hard to tell.

Here are some pics:

In the morning out my kitchen window:
View out my kitchen window

My yard

Parking pad:

On our way back from the store late afternoon:
Mountain View

They'd closed Palouse River Drive to the west at Mountain View:
Mountain View and Palouse River Dr

Almost home:
almost back home

Looking towards the fields:
Looking north

In got deep:
Yup, just a bit of snow

I'll get out later and get more pics and some video, I am overdue on a vlog. I've got some footage from in town the other day with the fun we were having driving on the very bumpy roads and some footage of the berms running down the middle of streets.

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