Snow day!!!!

We have a bit more snow.


I'll get the pics posted later. The regular morning DJs couldn't make it in, so they had subs this morning. They figured it was easier to announce who WASN'T closed LOL. They finally announced the UI as I was getting dressed to go dig out the car, so I called work, they hadn't heard, So I continued on. Work called back a few minutes later to say they got the word, so the car is still buried. The Dean called a little later to say for sure they were closed.

Listening to the scanner, it is batshit out there. We aren't going anywheres, esp since someone just said on the scanner that they had to back up on Mountain View before they could turn around at the highway.


Roads are getting closed all over the place.

We now have two more kitties in the house. I caught the shadow kitten and brought him in, then I brought in the Scrapper clone. So far things have been calm, with the exception of Nicky hissing at first. But I think we are going to do fine, I feel better knowing these two kitties are in where it is safe and warm and they have food and water.

The satellite dish is covered in snow, so we lost signal. I'll go out later and brush it clear, I've already been out once, don't feel like going out again. We'll see about getting some radio reception on the home theatre receiver, otherwise we have plenty of music to listen to.

We are set for emergencies, so if we lose power, no big deal.

I'm laying in a goodly supply of teas. Currently have a pump thermos of white tea with tangerine. I seem to be losing my taste for coffee. Had problems finishing my cup this morning.