School started today


Okay, I feel better now LOL

Been a very busy day and taking a class that is only 50 minutes long is going to take some getting used to. The last three classes have been at least 2 1/2 hours long and this one the minute I am getting into it, the class is over. Ah well, at least I know several of the students and it looks to be a very interesting class (Language and Culture).

As soon as class let out hubby picked me up and drove me to the student union building so I could go pay for it. I have a waiver that lets me take it for $35, at least the university hasn't screwed up that benefit. Just need to figure out how to work the text book into the budget this weekend and I am all set. The 2nd required book we have here in the library.

Serious snow over night, I've some pictures I'll get processed tonight and posted. Rum Tum is seriously happy today.

LOTS of course materials getting processed, I've finished one truck and am starting on the 2nd one as soon as I get back from break. Some of the film courses look very interesting, may have to look at taking one in the future.

Cooked up some jasmine rice for dinner last night. Cubed some beef and cooked that up with some onions, 'shrooms, fake crab and some Thai sweet and sour coconut paste and a can of coconut milk. Very yummy. Had some for lunch today. I made a double batch of the rice, not sure what I will fix for dinner as yet, maybe look at leftovers and clear out the fridge a bit. Too brain dead to get creative with dinner at the moment.