Okay, we got snow!

Just a bit:

at home:
We got a bit of snow

Behind the Library:

Behind the library

and on the east side of the Library:

East side of the library

The county plowed first thing, so we were able to get out okay (rats!). Moscow School district closed, but the university is running fine.

We'd popped out a bit yesterday, cut our errand running short as the weather was getting very icky. Got home in time to help out the neighbor who got stuck in snow. Thank goodness for tow straps.

Borrowed a diatom filter to clean the fish tank. I never thought fish could pout. Poor George, his whole day got interrupted as we pulled all the tank furniture out to clean it. He was not a happy pleco. I also slightly changed the arraignment around slightly, but not so much to upset him even more. Tank looks so muc nicer now. We have to get us one of those filters.

Been seeing more of the Scrapper clone. Got a couple of pics, have them on my 'puter at home so will have to wait until tonight to upload them. I need to put a pic of Scrapper and the clone together, so we can see how alike they look (tho the clone is a more dilute orange tabby. More cream then orange, but in low light hard to tell the two apart). There is a little orange kitten hanging around, he was so hungry this weekend he walked right by me to get to the food. Poor thing. Have to find out who they belong to and tell them to keep their kitties closer to home. Assuming they do have homes, poor things.

Got my last homework back. Got 19 out of 20. Mis-transcribed "though". I'd expected I would have gotten "cantaloupe" wrong, but that one I got right. YAY!!! Got two more assignments to turn in this week, I'll work on them in the evenings.
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