Oh, FRELL!!!!

I think I am going to have to give up caffeine for a while. I've been getting daily headaches and the doc mentioned caffeine can trigger them, so we will see. I tried giving up coffee once before and that didn't work too well, I just need my morning caffeine so much. But I want these little headaches to stop, so I'll try eliminating caffeine to see what happens and then go from there (and if it is chocolate that is the culprit, someone please kill me, life without chocolate is NOT worth living :P ).

Really nice article in the New York Times today, talking about some of the bloggers of the Fatosphere and feature some of my favorite blogs. Check it out. Big Fat Blog didn't make it, but according to one of the mentioned bloggers, not for lack of trying to contact Paul, the force behind BFB.

OH WAY KEWL!!!!!!! Was just checking out BFB and he had a quick post that Kate Harding of Shapely Prose is going to be on the Today show tomorrow, will have the DVR set to record it. Kate is one of the featured bloggers in the NYT article.

Did the roast for dinner, cooked the whole thing as we had a friend over, so I now have half of it to use for another meal this week. Came out nicely, cooked it to 130F and pulled it to let it rest and it was perfectly rare (tho still too done for my tastes hehehehehe, but not everyone likes their beef still mooing when they eat it LOL).

BTW, it is officially cold out, the hubby has so stated. I think we got down to about 1F, the news was saying that Athol ID (north of us and north of Coeur d'Alene) got down to -14F. That is seriously BRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! I think we'll be hauling in a kerosene heater to keep us warm tonight and help save on the electricity. We are supposed to stay cold for a couple more day and then warm up again.

Still need to write up my assignment for my class, will do that tonight. Got more pics of the inside of my kitchen window, the one side iced all the way up. Will have to get all those pics downloaded and processed. Giving serious consideration of turning all those ice pics into wall paper and seeing if I can make a bit of money off them. Just have to figure out how.

ETA: due to the untimely death of Heath Ledger, NBC canceled Kate's appearance on the show tomorrow.
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