La freakin' BRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is cold inside, tho the thermometer is saying it is 68F. I'm freezing :P

Lost two guppies, not sure why they died, but Ernie had been acting strange, then disappeared. Bert looked like he was doing fine, then he disappeared the other day. Found one floating yesterday and then the other one today. So Martin is the last guppy I have. Not sure if I will get more, maybe look at a couple females or three, tho I really don't into serious breeding of guppies, but Martin might get lonely being the only guppy, tho he does get along fine with the White Clouds and the Neons. We'll see, budget isn't running to new fish for a while.

Wandered out and got my textbook for class, so I will start reading that this weekend. While we out we took in some recycling, figure if we take a bit in each time we head into town we will get a ahead of the pile.

Been puttering around the house, hubby's been cleaning up the office, soon I can get in and put the boxes of Christmas decorations in the closet in there. We'll move the love seat back into the house tomorrow. Finally moved the UPS across the room and I've my computer plugged into it, instead of thru the wall to the UPS in the office. I've also got the cube pushed back in far enough I'm not bumping it. Also pushed the table back enough Phoebe Should have a more diffucult time pushing my speaker of the back.

Processed the pasties video and got that posted to YouTube, still have some footage of the snow on the way to work to process and post.

Ah well, time to putter some more. I think I hear the call of the wild cuppa tea.
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