Dear Mama, you can stop now

View out my front window this morning

We have PLENTY of snow, more then we need, at least in my yard. I know you are trying to make up for lost time, when we haven't had any decent snow in the last few years, but not all at once! Please move all this snow up into the mountains where we need the snow pack for the water in the spring and everything will be a-okay. Thanks.

Had to get out early to shovel around the car. Where I'd shoveled yesterday was almost all the way filled in. Luckily today it wasn't the wet heavy snow, so it wasn't TOOOO bad shoveling. With the wind we got some pretty cool looking drifts in the yard.


We are also getting some pretty serious icicles, esp off the gutter where the downspout would be:

BIG icicle

The Scrapper clone was waiting for his breakfast again. Have to figure out how to keep fresh water out there without it freezing. Here are the promised pics:

Scrapper clone

Scrapper clone

Here is a pic of Scrapper to compare:


The clone has more white on his muzzle and he isn't as orange and as big, but in dim light and not too close we kept mistaking him for Scrapper.

Hit Safeway last night on the way home. We still had the $50 gift card my mom gave us and they had a sale on chuck roasts, $1.99 a pound, so we got 5 of them. Also picked up two packages of chicken thighs for 99 cents a pound. Dinner last night was steak and eggs. Nothing like breakfast for a yummy dinner hehehehehe. I'll process all the roasts and the chicken when I get home tonight and get it in the deep freeze. I'll bake up some of the thighs for dinner and a box of potato stuff. Planning on leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Speaking of eggs, when the &%^$^# did they get expensive? I like to buy the mediums in the 5 dozen pack and usually pay less the $5. I was in Winco and they were $7.36!?!?!?!?! A dozen Grade A large eggs were almost $2.00 the dozen. It is getting to the point I am half tempted to build a chicken coop and raise my own. SHEESH!!!!