Working late, luckily tonight is my last night. I worked until 10pm last night, almost went insane (what do you mean almost LOL) and managed to trash my knee getting up and down retrieving DVDs for people. Seems like every single request was on the &^%%$ shelves. Using my cane today.

A lot quieter tonight then last night, last night was very busy the 1st couple of hours. Tonight isn't so bad. Hope I can keep my sanity for a few more hours yet.

Posted a number of Devil Duckie photos on my Flickr account, including the Attack of the Wild Snow Kitty!!!

Attack of the wild snow kitty!!!

One of my Itty Bitty Devil Duckies is currently MIA after the attack.

I've a new post on my cooking blog, a recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Bread. It is totally YUMMO!!! Hehehehehe brought a loaf to work and people have been enjoying it. Still have one loaf of it at home.

I have been enjoying the pasties for dinner last night and tonight. Still have a couple packages in the freezer, I'll try and not eat them until next week. I really want to make them last a while.

Still have about a pound of ground elk in the freezer, have to figure out something good to make with it. I don't want to cover up the flavor of the meat, so won't do anything involving too much of a sauce and serious spices, so chili is right out. I might see about some kind of elk burger if I can think of the right ingredients to mix into it. I'm thinking some caramelized sweet onions and a nice goat cheese would be a good start.

Will start taking down the tree on Sunday and then work on slowly taking down the rest of the decorations. I also have a class that starts next week, I should find out if there are books I need to get. It will be a normal class, during the day MWF. YAY!!!!!!!