1 inch huh? Try 5!!!!

Interesting weather last night, what with the wind and snow. Hwy 195 south of Pullman got closed all night due to blowing snow and white out conditions. I am SOOOOO glad we have most of the deck closed in, no snow covering everything out there. Power went out for about 10 minutes at one point and then off and on several times. Really annoying as we were trying to watch a movie. We kept having hiccups during the night, or at least once as the coffee maker was blinking again when I got up, so I had to manually start the coffee.

Before we went to bed, hubby popped out with the measuring tape and came in to say there was 3 inches on the hood of the car, here is what it looked like this morning:

Slightly buried car

Took a bit to get going this morning as there was ice under all that snow that was a pain to get scrapped off.

Had geese hunters out in the field again this morning, 3 of them with a flock of decoys. Hubby called the sheriff regarding them, THERE IS NO SAFE DIRECTION TO SHOOT OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure if they have permission to hunt there either. There were hunters out on Sunday also, not sure if they are the same ones, different vehicles this time. Report back was vague, supposedly they were shooting east with BBshot, still no idea if they had permission or not. I guess the deputy warned them to be careful.

Still say there is no safe direction to shoot, they were shooting towards the road and just to the left of the house right there (not too mention shooting towards their own vehicles):


SIGH! There are better and safer places to shoot.

Hit Safeway last night, got a good deal on a sliced pork loin. A little over $11 for what would have cost $45 if we didn't have the card. If I thought of it, I would have popped a couple of the chops into a brine. Oh well, I'll do baked breaded chops for dinner, I've still some panko bread crumbs. Not sure how I will season it. Serve it with jasmine rice. Did burgers and fries for dinner last night.

Okay, Flickr is being weird. I've uploaded some photos and when I go to add tags, it tells me I don't have any yet. HUH?!?!?!?! I've tons of tags, not sure where they went, tho Flickr has been hiccuping of late, wonder if it deleted my tag cache. Have to post on the help forums and ask.

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