Thank the Ghodz it's Friday! FINALLY!!!!!

It has been a long week, but it is finally the end.


We still have snow on the ground, got another skiff last night. I think Phoebe is going to get a chance to really check it out today if the hubster decides to let her out. We are thinking we have to let Scrapper out sometime, his owie is slowly healing, but he is going a little stir crazy inside. We'll see.

Finally started getting some decorations up. Pulled out the icicle lights I put up on the one shelf and they were in not good condition. I have to stretch them out and try and get them back into something resembling their original state. Not sure what happened, but somehow things got unwrapped in the box. Then I realized I really have to rethink things, so I ended up putting up one of the LED strings on the east wall and some garland up on the shelf over the TV. Algernon (the plushy stuffed deer head) got a Santa hat, tho I think I will use a different on and put the Santa hat on the parrot. Still have to figure out where the palm tree is going to go.

We've friends coming over tomorrow, so not only do I have to finish cleaning the living room, I have to clean the bedroom since that is the only place I can pile coats :P Not enough room in the living room or even any place in the living room. If it was one or two friends that is no problem, but we a few people. I need a bigger house. So kitchen, living room, hallway, oh heck, the whole house gets cleaned tonight and tomorrow morning.

PLUS, we are going up to Potlatch first thing in the morning to find me a tree. That will go up on Sunday. I'll use the other two LED strings and the string of white lights on it. The white lights are cool since they have a controller and can do various patterns.

Listening to Pandora Radio, they have a country music Christmas station. I think my favorite song they've done is Brad Paisley's Silent Night. Just him and the guitar, the way it is meant to be. I just think I am going to have to track down his Christmas album just for that track.

Only problem with Pandora is you HAVE to have ADblock disabled, so I am plagued by pop up and ads when I go to my favorite sites now. So either I run it on Exploder, which I LOATH or live with the %^$&# ads. Right now I an living with the ads since I don't' want to even think of opening Exploder, I'll see how I feel about it next week.

Here's a pic of the tree in the staff lounge:

Sparklie tree
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