Save Santa!!!!!!

By way of Sandy at Junkfood Science:

There is a war on Santa Claus and it is being pushed by the Food Police and the Powers That Be that claim all fat is bad. They are trying to slim down Santa Claus. Bad enough Australia has told store Santas they can't say "Ho Ho Ho!" becasue ZOMG!!!! Women might think he is calling them 'hos!!!!!!! Santa in England is being sent to the gym

Give me a freakin' break.

So a site has been set up, where you can download pics of traditional Santas, get some nice desktop back grounds, shop for t-shirts AND sign a petition telling them to leave Santa alone and when you do, 1 pound of food will be donated to America's Second Harvest. Profits from the money collected thru the store will also be donated to buy food for the hungry.

So help stop this insanity and help the hungry in our communities, go to and help in the fight.