All done

Went to the final, walked in, looked at it and thought, oh this isn't bad, no problem and started writing. I didn't like where I was going, so started over and a third time and then my mind went blank.


From there is was a spiral into panic (esp when the first student got done and left an hour into it) and so I wrote an out line on a separate sheet of paper and was bouncing back and forth between papers and crunching up paper and starting over again. I'd stop, breath, meditate and write some more. It was a total disaster. At least I managed to NOT clip the paper with F*&K! and B*&^$R!!! written on it. I so needed to swear and didn't think the other students would appreciate me doing it out loud at the top of my lungs :P

Finally gave up when there were three of us left and turned it in. Almost took off without my coat, luckily the prof noticed and pointed it out. I probably would have noticed halfway back to the library to get the rest of my stuff and await hubby.


At least it is over. I really enjoyed the class, learned a lot and even if I screwed the pooch with the paper and the final, should hopefully get a decent passing grade, even if it isn't the one I want.

Really needed a carb feed, so we hit Papa Murphy's for their new 5 meat stuffed pizza and headed home. While it was in the oven I changed into my warm flannels and came out to find hubby had poured me some Bailey's on ice and had it waiting for me in front of my monitor. I love my hubby.

Everything hit the spot, esp the chocolate fudge frosting right out of the container for dessert BWAHAHAHAHA!

Watched TV and snuggled kitties. Scrapper is only making half-hearted attempts to get out of the house, tho he was doing a number on his owie scratching it. This morning I slathered on the neosporin with pain medication, so hopefully he'll not scratch it today. I really don't want to have to wrap him up in bandages if I can avoid it, but we may have to.

So tonight I am going to haul out the decorations tonight and get a start on making the living room sparklie. May even think of a way to decorate the outside now that we have an outlet out there. I have a green rope light we bought a couple years ago I haven't figured out where to put and I think an extra white one, so I should come up with something. We'll get the tree this weekend. I strongly suspect Phoebe WILL be trying to climb it, so it we'll secure it to the wall with parachute cord to keep it upright. No icicle tinsel again this year, at least until we figure out if Her Royal Highness will ignore it or not. I really miss my tinsel.

Starting to get into the baking mood, tomorrow is the staff Christmas party, so I will try and do snickerdoodles tonight. If I get my brain going I will also video tape it and put up a "Cooking with JeanC" YouTube segment, I am really overdue on those. I should have done a couple over turkey day, but I just wasn't' into it.

Looking forward to lunch, leftover pizza. Serious yummies!
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