Got to thinking

about how one's preferences and tastes for food changes as we grow up. Someone commented elsewhere on my mention of blue cheese with BBQ pork and my comment back was that to me it was yum, but if you'd told me several years ago I would even be eating blue cheese some day I'd think they were insane.

Growing up I was a peculiar child when it came to food. With few exceptions the only yellow cheese I would eat was Velveeta. The exceptions being I liked shredded regular cheddar cheese on my tacos and regular cheddar in my mom's baked mac & cheese. I didn't mind mozzarella as long as it was on pizza and in lasagna. The parmesean in the green can was acceptable also.

It wasn't until I tried a cream cheese while living in Italy that I would even think of eating Philly type cream cheese. The Italian cheese was Bel Paese and I can still taste it 30 years later.

Up until recently, I didn't like strong flavors in cheese, the strongest I would do was a medium cheddar on special occasions, but now I can't get enough blue cheese, gorgonzola, sharp and extra sharp cheddar. Not sure why, maybe becasue I am getting older and my taste buds are not as they were. Then again I am also liking hotter flavors such as mustards and chilis and such, things my brother and dad would eat on a regular basis and I couldn't go near, so who knows.

I've also developed a fondness for wasabi peas, what my hubby refers to as total evil hehehehehe. He has really come a long ways tho, he actually has admitted that tabasco sauce is NOT the evil entity he insisted it was when he first moved down here. Then again, he wasn't into spicy foods, not even Szechwan and he likes Chinese food.

I now like brocoli and cauliflower, things I never would eat as a kid. I will eat onions (as long as they are sweets and cooked, still can't handle raw onions in anyway shape or form. Mostly because they hate me).

I've also started eating foods that don't come in cans. Growing up I refused to eat fresh tomatos, if it wasn't tomato sauce, tomato soup or tomato juice, I wasn't going near it. Same with peaches, couldn't deal with fresh peaches, they had to come in a can with syrup. Now I adore the taste and flavor of a tree ripened peach. MMMMMMMMMMM
And I can't wait for summer when my tomatos have started ripening, cherry tomatos fresh off the plant, to totally die for!

I am still leery of pears tho, they still have to come out of a can, tho watching Bobby Flay on CBS this morning doing fresh pears and raspberries made fresh pears look tempting, so we may be stopping off at Otto's one day and see what they have to offer (Otto's is a wonderful little green grocer who sells fresh local produce in season).

I grew up on margarine, never cared much for butter, now I loath the sight of margarine and will only allow butter into my house. I keep a good supply of unsalted butter in the deep freeze for baking.

I still have quirks leftover from my childhood when it comes to eating. Veggies have to be gotten out of the way first, as does salad. In no way are my veggies allowed to touch anything else on my plate, better yet, veggies get their own plate or bowl. Same with salad. The only things on my plate that can touch are meat, potatos/rice/noodles and gravy. Corn in my mashed potatos sends me right over the edge. There are times when I think I need to get those plates that have the compartments hehehehehehehe.

I still occasionaly will take a slice of pizza, flip it to get the cheese and meat off and eat the crust first, then peel off the pepperoni and then finally eat the cheese.

I like eating textures, some nights it isn't flavors and tastes I want, but textures. Sometimes I am in the mood for creamy, other nights I want crunchy. Makes for an interesting time trying to figure out what I am going to eat when I get in those moods. I find that on nights when I want creamy AND crunch, a block of cream cheese at room temp and a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos does the trick LOL.

Well, enough rambling, so I'll leave you with a pic of today's lunch: Plain shredded pork and provalone on a toasted dutch crunch roll:

Lunch 2-8-07
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