BRRR! BRRR! BBRRRRR!!!!!! Le Freaking BRRR!!!!!!

Have I mentioned BRRRR!!!!!?


Giving serious consideration of moving my desk to the basement where think it is considerably warmer. I shouldn't have to comptimplate wearing a jacket while sitting at my desk.

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finished Eragon at break. I'll hold off reading Eldest for a while as all the Mercedes Lackey books I ordered thru ILL (interlibrary loan) have started to arrive. Luckily the first book in one of the series arrived a couple days after I got the 2nd, so I can start reading them in order. Now if the 1st book of the Storm series would show up I would be a very happy camper as that series takes place immediately after the series I just finished, the Mage series.

Hubby was still craving orange chicken last night, so we hit Winco to pick some up they sell in the deli. We also needed some french bread as he was craving garlic bread, so I made that also. Needless to say, oragne chicken and garlic bread make a very intersting dinner hehehehehehehe.

Some friends will be coming down to visit beginning of April, so I've got some serious decluttering to do and 2 months to do it as they are bringing their baby and she is walking and climbing and our house is definately NOT baby proof at the moment. Heck, it is barely CAT proof!