Best laid plans.....

The leftover chicken went into the freezer last night, hubby wanted fried chicken and not cooking really appealed to me, so we hit Winco. Good thing to as they had pork roasts on for 88 and 98 cents a lb, so we grabbed 3. One went into the freezer for later and the other two are currently in the crockpot to cook all day. I'll pull out the bones (stash those in the freezer for future stock) and shred the rest. I'll stash most of it in baggies in the freezer for quick meals later and take some and mix it with the Longhorn BBQ sauce and use the bagels we bought for buns and have BBQ pork sandiwiches for dinner tonight.

The snow is rapidly going away and I am sooooooo ready for spring. I am definately going to make the attempt to get some seeds planted in the cold frame and get that finished. Going to really look at what I have available and see about getting the greehouse going as I do want to get things started early.

Decided to start playing around with the templates for this blog, with spring coming I am getting that "gotta re-arrange everything" bug and since I can't re-arrange furniture at home, my blogs are going to have to be the victims hehehehehehehe
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