At a loss for a clever title

Oh well, that's Monday for ya.

Weekend was way to short, as usual. Saturday I puttered about and got quite a bit of the house done by FLYing here and there. Do a bit in the kitchen, then to the bedroom, back to the living room and so on. Got the bedding washed and we can walk around the bedroom without tripping over too much. Finally got the prints hung up over the bed, one is Bastet leading her children into Egypt, the other is a winged cat hatching from an egg and the third is another Egyptian inspired on with a golden cat and a couple cat statues.

Dinner Sat night was some leftover chicken nuggets I made with coconut breading and baked. Came out okay and reheated it wasn't bad. I made noodle stuff to go with it.

Spent a good part of the afternoon and evening reading. So nice, just curled up on the couch with a book and a cup of tea (speaking of tea, have to pick up some more de-caf and herbal tea, we're out) and listening to Sirius Best of Broadway.

Yesterday was going to be a very lazy day and then we decided we really wanted a buffet breakfast/lunch. The only place in town with a buffet is Chinese and not what we wanted, tho Fiesta En Jalisco says they have one, didn't feel like Mexican. So we remembered Tomato Brothers down in Clarkston has one. Called down, they have a breakfast buffet and a bite-sized buffett. The bite-szed one included the breakfast dishes, so we headed on down.


Dropped a bit more money then we'd planned on with brunch, tax and tip, but it was worth it. I started off with salad, then had breakfasty stuff (they make a nice biscuit and gravy) and then the bite size selections. The steak bites were yummy, the portabella muchrom bites were even tastier. Well worth the $14.99 per person. They have some very yummy chocolate deserts, a dark chocolate cheese cake and a dark chocolate torte. Hubby declared his cheesecake was too sweet after one bite, so I got to finish it off hehehehehehe. He thought the torte was too sweet, I thought it was perfect.

I did get a few pics of lunch (then got too busy enjoying everything so didn't get anything after the 2nd plate LOL). I'll post those when I get the chance. One pic was of the Mona Lisa they have hanging, a very large copy with white rope light around it, looked way cool.

Was so full from lunch, dinner was some popcorn late in the evening hehehehehe. I still wasn't hungry this morning.

We watch the Budwesier Shootout last night after getting home, I am so looking forward to the race this weekend.

Had my first visit with the new doc. I think I can work with him. It was really nice to sit and talk and actually have one LISTEN. He's not real thrilled with my reasons for not doing RAI to kill off my thyroid, but I prefer not to do a procedure that has no going back on and I just don't trust it. At least with medication I can adjust when needed and there is no point of no return on the protocol. So he ordered up a full blood panel for thyroid, liver and white blood count AND celiac. I mentioned I'd gone off gluten for a week and felt so much better and he said that can be tested for with no prodding from me.

AND!!!!! He's firing me off to an allergist so I can FINALLY figure out what the hell I am allergic to. Yeah, taking the loratadine makes me feel better, but I want to know WHY it is making me feel better so I want to know what it is blocking. Esp since it is gettign to NOT be a joke when I start sneezing the minute I walk into the library and I say I'm allergic to work.

So I have a follow up with him in a month, in the meantime I have to call the allergist for an appointment (the doc's office is faxing them the referal) and call my opthamologist since I'm past due for that and need to see if there is any Graves' involvment with my eyes (reason #1 I won't do RAI as that really can screw up the eyes if there wasn't any problems before). So with luck I will have some answers to a few niggling questions.

Stopping off at Winco on the way home, hubby just called and wants pizza bagels and those sound good, so we'll pick up what we need (lots and LOTS of pepperoni hehehehehe).