This is why I could never be an animal control officer

Dog Found Buried Alive

For as long as I have been alive and seen things on the news, I still can't believe there are people out there who do things like this. What kind of sicko buries animals alive like that to die a slow, terrifying death. What kind of person just throws out a perfectly wonderful pet to slowly starve to death or get killed by other animals.

We live just outside of town and people are always throwing away their cats out near us. Look people, we have all the pets we can handle and kitty cats just left out near our place may not survive for too long as we have coyotes looking for an easy dinner, and kitties who were not raised wild don't stand a very good chance if they don't have a home to stay safe in.

I hate people who think abandoning critters out near a farm and think they will get good homes. I dearly would love to haul their asses out and do the same to them and see how they like it. I would dearly love to find the slime who buried that poor puppy and bury them for several days and see how they like it.

This is why I could never be an animal control officer, there would be two many people ending up in the hopsital emergency room or morgue after I got done with them.

And don't even get me started on people who abuse children.