Survived the weekend

Friday we picked up sub sandwiches from Winco for dinner and then had rum and cokes to go with it. We also picked up some double chocolate chocolate chip muffins and I never got around to having one and on Saturday I started the gluten-free experiment.


Oh well, hubby enjoyed them hehehehehehe.

So so far, so good. Haven't felt deprived, figured out what in the pantry I can and can't have this week and was very happy to find that Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce is gluten-free, so one of my favorite seasonings is still on the list. My Johnny's seasoning salt however is off limits this week, it contains soy sauce powder which is made with wheat.

Made a big pot of bean soup and for dinner last night I did chicken nuggets using gluten free flour. Came out pretty tasty. Used soda water instead beer and seasoned the chicken with the Johnny's garlic ceasar blend. Sat night I made chicken in peanut sauce, luckily the one jar of pad thai sauce was specifically labled gluten-free so I was able to use that in my peanut sauce. Came out yummy and I do have leftovers for lunch this week of that (unless hubby gets to it first). Made cornbread, replacing the flour with the GF flour and it also came out yummy.

Haven't decided if going gluten free has had any effect on the pain in my joints, or at least in my knees. My knees almost were pain free yesterday, at least until we hit the new Goodwill store and then they started hurting again. So we'll see.

Still haven't seen the Scrapper cat. J thinks there might be a queen in heat so he's busy elsewhere. We've gotten the SNAP coupon to get him edited cheap, so need to get him back in the house and then arrange for a vet trip.

Made a recycling run yesterday, got all the carboard off the deck and a lot of stuff out of the house. I really need to figure out a better way to do that, it takes up a lot of room in the kitchen and with a small kitchen, makes it a pain to get around. Have to come up with some kind of bin I can put the mesh bags into so grabbing the reccyling to take in is easy.

Using the front hall clost as an extra pantry is working out well, just have to occasionally re-arrange things to make it work better. It is nice to have the extra kitty food and the big bag of rice out of kicking range hehehehehehe.

Been keeping up on the dishes and clean kitchen, definately makes wanting to cook so much easier. Having the stool hubby got so he could sit and cook is great for me. While making the chicken nuggets I could just sit and pop them in and out of the Fry Daddy and no knee or back pain. Bliss!
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